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Who We Are

About Fintrac

Fintrac, a woman-owned and US-based consulting company, develops agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty. For almost three decades our work has increased rural incomes and strengthened food security across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We do this by developing interventions to improve market system competitiveness and increase participation of smallholder farmers.

Since 2000, Fintrac has delivered training and technical assistance to more than 2 million smallholder farmers, leveraged $3 billion in sales, and supported more than 10 million people, including children, in becoming more food secure.

Our teams of highly skilled in-country experts across multiple technical disciplines provide unique insight and analysis, and contribute vital context-specific knowledge to all programmatic activities.

Improving production, bridging local capacity, & developing value chains

Through proven technologies and practices, we rapidly increase smallholder yields to multiply incomes by two, three, and even 10 times in one year. This income fuels local economies and drastically improves healthcare, education, and overall quality of life for entire communities. We believe sustainable food security is inherently linked to income generation, so we train families, producer groups, and local service providers to treat farming as a commercial enterprise.

Our partnerships expand income exponentially

Fintrac coordinates technical assistance delivery to farmers and local enterprises through partner alliances with private sector enterprises, national and regional governments, educational and research institutes, and civil society. Through these partnerships, we offer embedded extension services, enable access to inputs and finance, and set up channels for farmers to add value to their crops—all while building relationships between local stakeholders that are sustained long after projects are completed. We promote “no regrets” interventions that improve natural resource management and resiliency to weather variability while reinforcing economically sound business practices. Our teams and partners are equipped with cutting edge tools and knowledge, and the resources to make innovative technologies available to farmers.

About Fintrac

Our Experienced Team

Executive Leadership

  • Claire Starkey, President
  • Tom Klotzbach, Chief Executive Officer
  • Andy Medlicott, Executive Vice President
  • Mary Duncan, Senior Vice President
  • Mike Reiter, Senior Vice President
  • Laura Harwig, Senior Vice President
  • Steve New, Executive Emeritus

Project Directors

  • Javier Giraldo, DCOP - Colombia PMA
  • Ian Chesterman, COP - FTF Ethiopia VCA
  • Antonio Coello, COP - FTF Tanzania MnM
  • Laura Harwig, COP - FTF P4I


  • Mary Duncan, DCOP - FTF Ethiopia VCA
  • Teshome Lemma, DCOP - FTF Ethiopia VCA
  • Dennis Lesnick, COP - Colombia PMA
  • Stephen Mruma, DCOP - FTF Tanzania MnM

Home Office Directors

  • Yasmine Haynes, Director of Human Resources
  • Kathleen Jacques, Global Director of Program Services
  • Jessica Joye, Director of Communications
  • Haskell Noyes, Global Director of Business Services
  • Allen Rozario, Director of Information Technology

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