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What We Do

Fintrac's approach focuses on a suite of integrated interventions across the agricultural value chain - from analysis to marketing to technical assistance - all of which help us achieve our mission of developing agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty. We also incorporate cross-cutting themes such as gender integration, environmental protection, and health and nutrition into all aspects of our work. Everything we do aims to improve the well-being of farmers and rural families. Read more about our approach by clicking on the practice areas below.

Food Analytics

Fintrac has an in-house team of market analysts, business strategists, food security experts, and regulatory reform specialists that has experience in implementing short-term assignments for private-sector clients and practical experience working with agribusinesses and farmers in emerging markets. Our Food Analytics team provides adaptable, top-notch analytical resources to external clients and donors, and can design customized analytical tools and methodologies to address specific client needs. The team is deployable within short turnaround time of initial request and equipped to manage its own logistics.

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Recognizing that women often hold the key to improving the quality of life for rural families, Fintrac strives to provide women with equitable access to production, credit, markets, and training opportunities. We integrate women into agricultural value chains to ensure all household members benefit from expanded economic opportunities. To do this, Fintrac focuses on five key pathways: reducing time and labor demands, expanding access to knowledge, unlocking access to inputs and assets, increasing income, and broadening decision making authority.

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Good Agricultural Practices & Technologies

Fintrac and its partners help smallholder farmers produce crops better and smarter by introducing market-driven good agricultural practices (GAPs) and technologies that enhance productivity, providing immediate returns to household income and food security. By integrating GAPs with small-scale technologies, we rapidly increase yields to multiply smallholder incomes by two, three, and even 10 times in one year. Our recommended practices and technologies are low-cost, relatively simple to implement, promote environmental sustainability, and improve food safety.

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Healthy Households & Nutrition

Good nutrition and sustainable food security depend on three cornerstones: increasing the availability of healthy foods, expanding household purchasing power, and broadening nutritional knowledge. Fintrac delivers hands-on technical assistance and educational training to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable households to help them produce and access the healthy foods they need to improve their overall health and well-being.

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Local Partners

Fintrac trains local associations, institutions, and buyers to integrate small-scale farmers into supply chains by helping them meet the demands of the marketplace. We design and deliver technical trainings in agriculture technologies, postharvest handling and processing, market development, and business management. Our capacity building work has resulted in contracts between national supermarket chains and small-scale farmers; millions of dollars in new investments; and a multi-million dollar revolving credit fund.

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Monitoring, Evaluating & Learning

Fintrac embraces a market systems approach to expanding the capacities of governments, civil society organizations, and commercial companies, and strives to remain flexible and responsive to their input and feedback. We consistently evolve our methodologies to improve agricultural productivity and increase smallholder incomes and resiliency. From launching our own customizable data collection software to developing and demonstrating appropriate technologies to designing online technical training, Fintrac is at its core a learning organization. We are committed to sharing our findings with all stakeholders to maximize efficiency and optimize results.

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Youth involvement in agriculture is integral to ensuring the sector’s success. Yet, despite their importance, youth are increasingly underrepresented in agriculture, as many young people migrate to cities for alternative economic opportunities. At Fintrac, we view youth as essential players in our commitment to developing agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty, so we work to promote interest by demonstrating the viability of agriculture as an income generator, providing agriculture and extension trainings, and launching programs to increase access to inputs and assets.

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