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Colombia Producers to Markets Alliance

Colombia Producers to Markets Alliance (PMA) focuses on three key areas: increasing export sales through market linkages; increasing producer sales by responding to market demand; and investing in rural infrastructure. The program is improving competitiveness among producers in licit markets in areas plagued by illegal economies and underdevelopment. PMA activities are increasing incomes and employment opportunities for smallholder farmers, including female heads of household and members of minority ethnic groups, and supporting the development of high-potential value chains, including cacao, specialty coffee, natural latex, tropical fruits and vegetables, and sustainable dairy production.

  • Project Duration: 2017-2022
  • Value Chains: Cocoa; coffee; dairy; horticulture; rubber
  • Regions: Antioquia; Córdoba; Caquetá; Meta; Sur de Bolivar; Nariño; Valle del Cauca; Cauca

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