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Monitoring, Evaluating & Learning

Fintrac has demonstrated a strong commitment to evidence-based learning throughout our history.

Measuring Impact

We use a combination of tools to measure how our interventions affect farmers and spur growth in communities. A robust monitoring and evaluation system allows for accurate and timely examination of agricultural and nutritional data for evidence-based decision making, allowing us the flexibility to adapt our interventions to meet on-the-ground realties. Our proprietary data management system, the Client Impact and Results Information System (CIRIS), was developed to capture data on gross margins, technologies, household nutrition, investment, and access to finance. Mobile platforms allow data to be entered and reviewed by staff from any location. Because we collect data – in real time – across countries, regions, and continents, we are able to combine and compare lessons learned with regard to most (and least) impactful practices and technologies, and share this information with internal and external stakeholders to optimize results.

Improving Connectivity

The lessons learned from our projects help drive our technological adoption in the field, including educational outreach methodologies, software, and mobile banking. These technologies create links between providers and smallholders that will outlive our initial support activities. We have employed innovative delivery methods for nutrition messaging in Cambodia; developed a new nutrition-specific monitoring and evaluation system for use by the government of Honduras; and piloted a digital finance platform to bring previously unavailable credit options to rural Kenyan farmers.

Adapting for the Future

Applying what we have learned to develop new technologies with local and international partners ensures our client farmers can adapt to changing climates, environmental conditions, and market dynamics. Working with farmers in East Africa, we identified a better way to ensure proper soil nutrients through a professional soil testing program based on work with a number of local partners. And in Honduras, we are helping farmers adapt to changing environmental conditions through the installation of automated weather stations that can help inform future plantings and crop selections. We partnered with the Kenyan government to develop and institutionalize a national horticulture traceability system to improve tracking and allow exporters to quickly identify and remedy any potential issues.


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