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2018 Global Results
We worked with 395,021 beneficiaries to help them achieve more than $153 million in sales. See our graphic for more results from the year.
Commercial Independence
Female coffee producers ensured their long-term success by forming an association to sell under their own brand. With Fintrac's assistance, they use good agricultural practices and technologies to increase their yields while improving their efficiency and quality.
Household Nutrition
We work with Ethiopian families to improve dietary diversity and incorporate nutrient-dense recipes using local ingredients, ensuring beneficiaries of all ages are healthy and productive. Read more about our work in Ethiopia.
enabling environment
Ag Startups in New Markets
Public and private sector investments in agriculture are both critical. Read our chief of party's tips on how agricultural businesses can engage to strengthen policies, regulations, and laws with benefits to both their business and the agricultural sector more broadly.
Opportunities for Youth
The Fintrac-implemented Feed the Future ACCESS to Markets project partnered with agricultural technical schools across Honduras to build students’ capacity and spark interest in agriculture as a viable career. See a photo essay about the trainings.

Individuals made more food secure


Direct beneficiaries


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Infographic: Youth

Fintrac integrates youth into agriculture to increase their economic opportunities.


Farming Future

Across Colombia, farmers are seeing the income potential grow thanks to help from USAID.


Spotlight: Ag Finance

New opportunities for smallholders and agribusinesses stem from access to finance.

Agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty.

Since 1990, we have worked with local and international partners to increase production, improve postharvest handling, add value, and develop markets and competitive value chains for the world's most vulnerable farmers and communities.

Who We Are

Fintrac's expert staff deploys an integrated methodology to empower smallholders to view their farm as a business.

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What We Do

Our tailored approach increases incomes and improves overall health, nutrition, and food security.

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Where We Work

Fintrac currently works with millions of farm families in dozens of countries across four continents.

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