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Fintrac staff have always been committed to transformative collaboration. Click here to learn more about their skills, on-farm hours, and what they value most.
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The Fintrac team and our in-country partners provided technical assistance, training, and other support services to nearly 1 million Tanzanian clients over the last 5.5 years. Click to view program highlights.
Transformative Impact in the Tanzanian Horticulture Sector
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Over the past five years our Ethiopia Value Chain Activity provided technical support services to 371,000+ smallholder producers. Click here to learn more!
Ethiopia Value Chain Activity
when data ceases to be helpful
Click to read this Fintrac article and discover why we think less indicators and more nuanced analysis is needed.
When Data Ceases to Be Helpful
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Learn more about what’s next for Fintrac as we phase out operations.
Fintrac Next Generation

Our Impact Over 3 Decades


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20 Years in Honduras

In celebration of 20 years in Honduras, we highlighted key takeaways from driving sustainable change in the agricultural sector for more than half a million Hondurans.

P4I Decade of Transformative Impact

A Decade of Impact

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation: 10 years. 75 partnerships. 24 countries. 145 innovative products and services introduced to 1.7 million + smallholder farmers.


30 Years: A Retrospective

We share tools, products, and lessons learned from 3 decades of providing services to smallholder clients across 4 continents, supporting them to improve returns from farming as a business.

Agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty.

Since 1990, we have worked with in-country and international partners to increase production, improve postharvest handling, add value, and develop markets and competitive value chains for smallholders across the globe.

Transferring GAPs

Good agricultural practices can be adopted by farmers of any size, most of which require little to no upfront cost.

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Fintrac U Crop Guides

Smallholder farmers are able to quickly improve yields, decrease losses, and expand sales with access to technical knowledge.

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Transferring Technologies

We transfer technologies – from basic to advanced – across value chains that improve productivity and sales, ensure quality, and have the benefit of being climate smart.

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