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when data ceases to be helpful
Click to read the first article in a new Fintrac series and discover why we think less indicators and more nuanced analysis is needed.
When Data Ceases to Be Helpful
Discover how Nuru, an aggregator in Bwejuu, is helping his fellow farmers make joint sales of products worth over 200 million shillings to buyers including hotels in Zanzibar.
Meet Nuru Mohammed Vuai
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Learn more about what’s next for Fintrac as we phase out operations over the next 18 months.
Learn more about what’s next for Fintrac as we phase out operations over the next 18 months.
Fintrac Next Generation

Our Impact Over 3 Decades


honduras 20

20 Years in Honduras

In celebration of 20 years in Honduras, we are highlighting key takeaways from driving sustainable change in the agricultural sector for more than half a million Hondurans.


30 Years: A Retrospective

We share tools, products, and lessons learned from three decades of providing services to smallholder clients across four continents, supporting them to improve returns from farming as a business.

global results fy20

FY20 Global Highlights

In 2020, Fintrac worked with more than 1.3 million individuals, helping them to generate $496 million in sales. View the full presentation for more highlights.

Agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty.

Since 1990, we have worked with in-country and international partners to increase production, improve postharvest handling, add value, and develop markets and competitive value chains for smallholders across the globe.

Who We Are

Fintrac's staff transfer GAPs and basic technologies to support farming as business.

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What We Do

Our tailored approach increases incomes and improves overall health, nutrition, and food security.

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Where We Work

Fintrac currently works with millions of farm families in dozens of countries across four continents.

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