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Kenya Agriculture Value Chain Enterprises

USAID-KAVES is a five-year food security project increasing the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers and other actors across the strategic value chains of horticulture, dairy, and staple crops. Highlights include: Helping more than 332,000 smallholder farmers increase incomes while improving their households' nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene practices. Collaborating with 533 youth associations and 1,252 women’s groups to implement time-saving technologies, improve access to assets and inputs, and promote leadership.
  • Project Duration: 2012-2018
  • Value Chains: Dairy; horticulture; maize
  • Regions: Country-wide

USAID-KHCP realized a highly competitive, smallholder-based Kenyan horticulture industry through improved productivity, increased market access, greater sector capacity, and improved nutritional behaviors. This five-year program impacted 255,480 rural households across 22 counties in western and eastern Kenya. Target crops included passion fruit, banana, mango, sweet potato, potato, peas, and beans.
USAID-KHDP increased smallholder sales and incomes from the production and marketing of high-value horticultural products, which generated new opportunities and employment within the wider horticulture industry. Other achievements included the provision of market development services, expanded use of environmentally-friendly and productivity-enhancing technologies, and promoting nutritional crops in food insecure communities. The project worked with more than 58,000 smallholders and expanded local and export sales by more than $50 million.
Fintrac provided technical assistance and overseas training in horticultural production, postharvest handling, agro-processing, institutional development, and export marketing to Kenya's agricultural exporters and industry stakeholders.

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