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Photos from the Field
Under the Colombia Producers to Markets Alliance, smallholders reap the benefits of high-potential value chains like cacao. See the latest photos in our Facebook album.
Agroecology in Action
Farming First interviews Fintrac president Claire Starkey on how to build up maximum pest resistance with minimal environmental impact using integrated pest management. Read more about our methods.
partnering for innovation
Investing in Impact
Watch a video from Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation on why partnering directly with the private sector improves farmer livelihoods.
International Women's Day 2018
Supporting Women Farmers
View a photo slideshow of results from the past year from our focus on integrating women into the agricultural sector to help them transform their livelihoods.

Agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty.

Since 1990, we have worked with local and international partners to increase production, improve postharvest handling, add value, and develop markets and competitive value chains for the world's most vulnerable farmers and communities.

Who We Are

Fintrac's expert staff deploys an integrated methodology to empower smallholders to view their farm as a business.

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What We Do

Our tailored approach increases incomes and improves overall health, nutrition, and food security.

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Where We Work

Fintrac currently works with millions of farm families in dozens of countries across four continents.

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Our Impact

In the last three years, we have achieved the following results:

$76 million


$1.3 billion




1.6 million



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Women Increasing Incomes

Learning improved production practices leads to better investments in their families.

ftfe vca

Ethiopia Trade Fair

FTFE VCA organized a trade fair exhibiting the latest in ag tech for smallholders and traders.


Building a Business Together

FTF-P4I partner COMACO works with smallholder cooperatives so everyone profits.


From Farm to Shelf: A Sweet Potato Story

Vitamin A-rich OFSP is generating a new source of income for farmers with help from Fintrac.

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