Fintrac helps women across the world increase yields and incomes by improving their access to five key resources.

An overview of Kenya's horticulture sector competitiveness in the global market.

A ten country comparison of indicators that measure the time and cost of doing agribusiness.


Farmer uses lessons from Kenya Livestock Breeders' Show to draw others to dairy farming.

Ethiopia CIAFS

Working together, former competitors create new oil processing company capable of large- scale export production. 

Tanzania TAPP

Chem Chem Farmers Group demonstrates the success of crop diversification with bumper harvests 

The drum seeder is a simple piece of equipment that can transform the way farmers sow their fields. The design is straightforward and easy to use.

Farmers face numerous challenges keeping their harvests fresh before going to the market. High temperatures and unprotected storage areas greatly increase postharvest losses and reduce profits.

Protecting vulnerable seedlings is vital to ensuring a healthy and productive vegetable crop. Left susceptible to extreme weather or pest and disease infestation, seedlings have little chance of maturing.